How do I pirate in Australia?

Australian internet providers, ISP’s, have blocked access to many different torrenting websites such as the pirate bay and kickass torrents. You may be wondering, how do i gain access to these websites? Well, there is a loophole, a major one. Currently, your internet would be coming from your internet provider’s DNS, let’s say Telstra. You are free to change your DNS to another companies, well probably a public DNS. Click here to learn more about DNS. A quick rundown of a DNS is that it essentially links the domain name to the correct IP address of the website you are wanting to visit. Now, the government has teamed up with Australian internet providers to block users from connecting to these IP addresses of the torrenting websites. However, as mentioned earlier you are able to bypass this by following these simple steps.

  1. Bring up control panel
    1. You can easily do this by pressing the windows key and typing “control panel”
  2. Click onto Network and Internet -> Network and sharing center
  3. On the left hand column select change adapter settingssettings
  4. Right click your adapter, wifi/internet/hotspot and select properties
  5. Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)DNS
  6. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  7. Input both and
  8. Click okay and you’re set!


Don’t worry, this DNS you are connected to is a public google server, many gamers often use this DNS to connect to online games. The worst google can do is collate the data and see which websites are more popular than others, or they could sell your information. Realistically in this day and age, your information has most likely been sold off to other companies and businesses. Anything you put onto the internet isn’t safe.


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