Explore: Warburton Redwood Forest


The famous Californian redwood trees were originally planted in 1930 by the board of works after they cleared the original eucalypt forest. The trees that were planted were: Bishop Pine, Douglas Fir and Californian Redwood. There were further plantings in 1960-63 as part of the Boards hydrology research program which included Radiata Pine, Western Red Cedar and Redwood. The results of the research program were not known. The forest is now heritage listed and will provide great tourism for the surrounding towns.

Why is it so special?

Well, there are over 1476 Californian redwood trees that range from around 20m to 50m in height and are planted in a grid which make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Once you enter the forest, you are surrounded by the silence of the trees, the coolness of the breeze and a refreshing smell. There is more to just trees in the forest, which locally created wild nests made out of twigs and branches that are large enough for us, humans, to stand in them and take some amazing shots. They are scattered around the forest and anyone can add to them or create a new once.

DSC_0054 (2)

What can I do?

Definitely bring a camera, some food and a picnic rug. There is a large open space opposite the carpark for the picnic and walking tracks for later in the day. These tracks are just as beautiful and are situated alongside a river. Take as many photos as you can, the sunlight that reaches inside is fantastic and diffused, however a flash is also recommended.

Where is it?

The forest lays 70 odd km’s from the heart of Melbourne and is easily accessible by car. The dirt is relatively flat, 4WD is not necessary at all. Type Redwood forest into google and it will automatically recognise it.

It is a perfect day-trip for all families to enjoy no matter what time of the year it is!


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