Explain It: Sleep

Guest Author: ESYP

Sleep- a fundamental part of our life and possibly the activity which consumes the largest parts of our lives no matter who we are coming in at approximately 33% of our time alive. Realistically, everybody loves sleep and you should, unfortunately a study conducted the CDC in the United States of America has revealed that 1/3 adults are sleep deprived. As such their bodies do not receive enough physiological or psychological recovery. Some long term effects of sleep deprivation are high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

But breaking it down, what is sleep? Sleep is referred to as an altered state of consciousness in which the body utilises to recover physiologically as well as psychologically also known as mentally.

The nature of sleep for the majority reading would be that your body goes through the 4 stages of sleep as well as a small proportion of REM sleep. Every 90 minutes, the body undergoes a sleep cycle in which the body will pass through stage 1, which is light sleep, stage 2, slightly deeper, and then through stages 3-4 which is also known as deep sleep. After every sleep cycle, there will be a proportion of REM sleep during the stages of light sleep and this proportion increases as sleep goes on until the individual is awake.

As for us generally, if you wish to take a nap during the day, the optimal time frame is in period of 90 minutes for example 1 and a half hours or 3 hours. This will help you to feel more refreshed after your nap rather than interrupting deep sleep which will cause a phenomenon called “sleep drunkenness”. I’m sure everyone has felt more tired or slightly disorientated after a period of sleep, as such this is known as sleep drunkenness. Long story short don’t interrupt deep sleep.

Tell us what part of sleep you’d like covered in future editions! Until next time…


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