Upcoming: Cryptocurrency November

Big things are on the way, sit tight, sign up to Coinspot and await the release.

To give on insight, we suggested to buy BTC for the month of October when it was $5,400 AUD and currently it sits at around $7,800. That is an $2,400 increase in the matter of 3 weeks! Our advice as of the 22nd is to DUMP Bitcoin. If you are after Bitcoin Gold, the block at which they determine who gets Bitcoin Gold has already passed. You have 4 more days until the fork happens, Sell now at it’s highest point and buy into the bleeding altcoins. You will receive your bitcoin gold if you’ve stored your bitcoin on a wallet, make sure to bring your bitcoins off an exchange to get the gold, aka “free money”.

XLM, stellar lumens, saw a jump from around $0.002262 all the way to $0.006048. This is a near 300% increase we saw in just 2 days! Stellar will continue to increase up until $1.00 in 2018. Our advice is to hodl for 1 year, Do not sell.

NEO, we saw a recent pump from $34.23 all the way to around $42.02 in the month of October. Currently it is advised to hold onto NEO and accumulate GAS by holding NEO on a wallet. GAS essentially is your dividend for holding onto NEO. We expect big things from NEO in the coming months with news from the Chinese government.

October Monthly Picks; XLM NEO BTC

Article releasing 8th November.











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