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Still Alive? Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast was a revolutionary device that turned any TV or monitor into a smart device. However, with TVs […]

Explain it: IP addresses

IP addresses are how all our internet connected devices communicate with each other with great synergy, without these addresses your […]

Explain it: DDoS attacks

DDoS, denial of service, attacks have been well documented throughout internet history. The basic principles of the attack is flooding […]

Explain it: NAT

Network address translation was created due to the exhaustion of IP address, Ipv4. Ipv4 is the standard for current day […]

Head to Head: HDD vs SSD

Consumers today are met with a range of storage solutions for their technological device. However you may be wondering what […]

Explain it: DNS

Every website has a specific and unique IP address, however remembering each individual IP address can be a painful experience […]

How do I pirate in Australia?

Australian internet providers, ISP’s, have blocked access to many different torrenting websites such as the pirate bay and kickass torrents. […]

Honest Review: Samsung S8

Samsung was eager to release their S8 after the note 7 debacle and they did not disappoint. Released in April […]

Will Facebook acquire Twitter?

This report can be used as a basis for an extended essay for the international baccalaureate.   Abstract This report […]

Are phone plans getting more expensive?

Is it true that phone plans are becoming increasingly expensive? Currently at the typing of this article, I have less […]